Diffusing Emotional Storms: Helping Your Kids Manage Anger and Frustration

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Thursday April 9 from 11am to 12 pm 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

Pressures on families are mounting with frequent social restriction updates, confronting relational dynamics in the home, while also tackling work, school, and more. Our kids pick up on the stress and anxiety parents feel, plus grow tired of being confined to home. Stress builds, arguments happen, and relationships suffer, unless... we are proactive to put the right tools in our "parenting toolbox".

Join Janet Bonin for an insightful hour filled with practical methods you can apply NOW to help diffuse anger and other negative emotions in kids and adults. You’ll learn and practice tools from an evidence-based approach to discipline and parenting that lovingly builds up your kids. Situational examples in this session will focus on school age children through college age but techniques offered easily apply to toddlers and adults alike.

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